Meet Robert

My life has a lot more computers in it than I thought it would.

I mostly like working with them. Even when I’m completely frustrated, I know it’s nothing personal.

But people are more important than computers, even if you work with information technology all day long (and sometimes half the night). So even in my IT career, I’ve become a student of people.

I want people, including me, to have good lives. If you’re not mostly getting along with your everyday people, it’s hard to have a good life. So I’ve found a niche, in the middle of networks of computers, groups of people who work with computers, and groups of people who want computers to do what they need, all accountable to other people. Except the computers. They are accountable to no one, at least not in a way that seems to trouble them.

My job title says “Senior Business Analyst.” Few people think they know what that means, and even fewer agree with each other. So when it seems prudent, I introduce myself as an “IT Social Worker.”

People really seem to know what that means.

Welcome. I hope you learn a little, share a little, and have a little bit better life because of me.