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Robert T. Merrill, Madison, WI

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I'm in the BiTmaP Bioinformatics certificate program through the University of Illinois at Chicago.

When I'm done, I hope to find something useful to do in and around the growing Biotechnology community in Madison, WI.


Is yours a “software-intensive business?” You don‘t sell software, but you hire programmers, and their creations are important to you. How is that going?

My consulting practice, uFunctional LLC, is one year old on February 15, 2008. I've had seven clients, and am serving four of them at present. I‘m not angling to replace your people with my people, since I don't have any people. I help businesses like yours fill the gap between business and technology with clear explanations, rational project selection and planning, and hands-on know-how.

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rtmerrill.com also proudly hosts the Okinawan Taiko Drummers of Wisconsin. Martial arts movements. Banging on drums. Screaming. What's not to like?